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TO BE NOBLE IS A VIRTUE THAT EXISTS INTUITIVELY. To be admired, respected, trusted. Our land is humble and honest, unaware of its virtues. And how its way of being... teaches all around it. Gifting opportunity and offering us Carmenere to which we are thankful, committed and proud. Our wines are grown from such soils, exploring the most optimal terroirs to suit specific varieties crafted to express nature in flavor, texture and aroma. Envisaged to reflect the distinct, yet subtle touches of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

Respecting the ability of our people. And we serve them with pride.


TerraNoble was founded in 1993 by Don Jorge Elgueta with a vision to make good wines in the Maule Valley. At the time, this region primarily focused its wine growing efforts on yielding quantity, rather than quality. The name ‘TerraNoble’ recognizes the unassuming majesty of the soils of this valley, and its ability to gift excellent wines.

The cooler zone of Maule proved an ideal climate to plant Merlot, and TerraNoble established itself as a boutique vineyard specialized in the variety. In 1994, the distinctive Chilean Merlot was identified as Carmenere, a variety that struggled to grow in its native France after being ravaged by Phylloxera in 1867.

After this realization, many vineyards sought to replant vineyards with Merlot. However, TerraNoble remained true to its original grapes, dedicating itself Carmenere, a grape which holds now great significance to Chilean winemaking. It is currently now one of our most emblematic varieties.

In 2003, after the passing of Don Jorge, German entrepreneur Wolf von Appen became involved in the vineyard’s operations, assuming leadership in 2006. Our lands now include Casablanca and Colchagua, allowing us to harness coastal and Andean influences to impress distinctive flavors on our grapes.

Sustainability and Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Sustainability and Responsible Alcohol Consumption


We believe in the importance of people, teamwork, respect and integration that the communities around us deserve. We believe in earth, which is both our source of work and life. In the care that she and the ecosystems held by her deserve and need.

We believe in the obligation of assuming the impact that we may cause on the environment. And day by day we work to minimize it, to be more friendly with our surrounding, taking measures and generating projects that will make a contribution to the wine industry, the environment and the community.

In 2015 we developed a pioneering project of renewable energies, incorporating solar energy to our matrix. This was the first step towards transforming an important part of our consumption by means of using renewable energies.

On the other hand, and in addition to our mitigation efforts, we have developed –in association with academic institutions from Maule and the Chicureo Hatchery– a project that pursues the conservation and reproduction of the Tricahue parrot, an endemic subspecies currently at risk of extinction.


We understand that wine is enjoyed only when consumed in moderation. We therefore encourage responsible consumption to enjoy it in a full and healthy way.

As part of this commitment, we have joined Wine in Moderation, "an international program by the wine industry which seeks to inspire people to follow a healthy and beneficial lifestyle, thus helping to reduce the harmful effects associated with alcohol abuse."

TerraNoble, noble wines to enjoy responsibly.

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