Carmenere Essence

Our land is humble and honest, offering us Carmenere variety to which we are grateful, proud and committed since our foundation more than 26 years ago in the Maule Valley. A commitment that we renew towards the future to come.

Our Carmenere wines are grown from those soils, exploring optimal places for it, expressing the place in its flavor, texture and aromas. Conceived to reflect the different but subtle touches of the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, respecting the abilites of our people.

And we offer them with great pride.




Rediscovery of Carmenere in Chile

• In 1994 Carmenere was rediscovered in Chile, until then confused with Merlot. The vast majority of Chilean wineries replanted their vineyards, uprooting the Carmenere.

• At TerraNoble we envision the potential of Carmenere in the Maule Valley to produce quality wines with unique character. We decided to keep our Carmenere vineyards, committing ourselves to the development of the variety in Chile.




TerraNoble inaugurates exports of Reserva Carmenere

• In 1998, exports of the Reserva Carmenere, TerraNoble´s flagship variety began.




Carmenere CA Project Starts

• In 2000, the spirit of innovation and search for new denominatios of origin led us to explore the Colchagua Valley, experimenting with different terroirs in sectors close to the Andes Mountains and the coast of the Pacific Ocean.



World Release of Carmenere CA1 Andes and CA2 Costa

• In 2009 we presented our CA project: CA1 Andes (Los Lingues) and CA2 Costa (Lolol).  Wines made from fruit harvested in two different vineyards in the Colchagua Valley showing, under similar vinification and ageing conditions, distinctive carmenere wines that accentuate their differences as a result of the influence of the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean.




26 Years Committed to Carmenere

• In 2020 we celebrated 26 years exploring and innovating the potential of Carmenere. To celebrate this milestone, we introduced the new CA1 Andes and CA2 Costa packaging.


CIVIS and Azara Carmenere

CIVIS Carmenere is a fruity wine, of nice complexity and ideal structure to discover the variety. The AZARA Carmenere is made with selected grapes from low-yield areas in specific plots, giving rise to elegant wines, refined complexity, and solid structure.

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CA Project

CA1 Andes comes from the Los Lingues area at the foothills of the Andes Mountains and CA2 Costa from the Lolol (eliminar Marchigue) area, close to the Pacific Ocean coast in the Colchagua Valley, separated each other by only 70km. Faced with similar vinification and ageing conditions, the wines show the distinctiveness of Carmenere, accentuating their differences as a result of the influence of the mountains and the ocean.cean. 

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